St. Monica

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St. Monica

Saint Monica, also known as Monica of Hippo, was an early Christian saint and the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo. She is remembered and honored in most Christian denominations, albeit on different feast days, for her outstanding Christian virtues, particularly the suffering caused by her husband's adultery, and her prayerful life dedicated to the reformation of her son.

10 Facts about St. Monica

1.  Monica was born about the year 332 in Tagaste, North Africa, to a Christian family.

2. St. Monica was married by arrangement to a pagan official in North Africa, who was much older than she, and although generous, was also violent tempered.  His mother Lived with them and was equally difficult, which proved a constant challenge to St. Monica.

3.  Monica had three children who survived infancy: sons Augustine and Navigius and daughter Perpetua.

4.  The "weeping" springs outside Santa Monica, California were named for the saint.

5.  Her oldest son, Augustine, is St. Augustine of Hippo.

6.  Monica was distressed to learn that at 17, Augustine,  had accepted the Manichean heresy (all flesh is evil)  and was living an immoral life. For a while, she refused to let him eat or sleep in her house. Then one night she had a vision that assured her Augustine would return to the faith. From that time on, she stayed close to her son, praying and fasting for him. In fact, she often stayed much closer than Augustine wanted.

7.  St. Monica, thru the power of prayer and patience, converted her pagan husband and mother-in-law to the catholic faith.

8.  She is patron saint of wives and abused victims.

9.  It is the prayers of Monica herself that have been invoked by generations of the faithful who honor her as a special patroness of married women and as an example for Christian motherhood.

10.  St. Monica's feast day is May 4.

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