{2015 Goals}

With a new year comes a fresh start. Every year I like to make a resolution or at least some goals that I try to stick to through out the year. Last year I made it my goal to read more. As in, opening a book more often (at least one book a month) as opposed to opening up my browser all the time. This year we will have some big transitions, *cough* baby number three *cough* so I want to make these goals realistic for myself to keep. I think so many people resort to not making any type of resolutions for their year because we can go a bit overboard! I've chosen some goals that will fit well into my schedule, won't be time consuming and will overall add more peace to my life. I'm ALL about keeping the peace around here. So ladies and gentlemen...here are my goals for {2015}:

  • Pray a short devotional each morning.

If I don't get in some sort of devotional or meditation each morning, I would like to fit it in right before I go to bed at the very least. There are many great books out there but I also like going online or receiving daily reminders in my email about a mediation. It's so convenient to just get an email and open up the meditation from there. A mediation that I like is from the Word Among Us website. There, you can read short devotionals/meditations based off of the daily Mass readings. Click here to go to the most current meditation. Another online resource that also gives you an option to subscribe to daily readings that are delivered to your email is from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. You can visit here to learn more!

  • Clean eating.

When I'm pregnant I pretty much cave into every food desire I have for myself because...I'm pregnant! This is the first pregnancy I have had over the holidays. The past two times I have been pregnant it has been warm out and I was able to go outside and be active. Fast forward to this pregnancy and I have completely overdone it! In my defense, you put the holidays, pregnancy and Grandma's butterscotch pie together and you are in trouble! I have had SO many sweets in the past two months, just looking at a piece of chocolate makes me queasy. I can tell my eating habits have rubbed off on the kids a bit too. All they seem to want to eat is bread, cheese and CHOCOLATE! Sounds like someone I know. (It's me, folks. Me.) SO, I'm making an effort to eat much healthier than I have been eating. I don't want to make this too complicated for myself and I still want to make delicious food for my fam. I just want less sugar and more fruits and veggies. I found a website through Instagram called Jenna's Kitchen. From her website you can buy for $8.00 (There is a promotion going on right now and if you use the promo code: 2015 that will get you the recipes for $5.60!) a download that consists of a 7 day guide to eating healthy and clean foods.  The plan includes simple recipes for 3 meals a day for a week. She also has compiled a grocery list for you. If someone has the list made out for me and the meal planning all done...I'm in! To check out more tips on healthy eating check out @jennaskitchen on Instagram or go to jennaskitchen.bigcartel.com to learn more!

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There you have it friends, my BIG goals for 2015. I for sure have more than two goals for the year and many areas in my life that I want to improve on. But I feel that these two main goals will bring peace into our household. As I said above, I'm all about keeping the peace and when momma's happy...everyone seems to be happier in the household! So, my plan is to pray more and get healthy in 2015...once that becomes routine I'll probably try to master becoming a mother of three come March! (Eek!) Well, maybe not master it but just learn how to survive at the very least!

How about you? What are your goals for 2015?

Hope you all have had a blessed start to the year!