Advent {Week 2}

Week 2 is here! I spent so much time thinking about Advent and thinking about what I would do when Advent was here it's been a challenge to really immerse myself in this season and just be still. I feel that is very much my personality though. I tend to get really excited about future events, I don't take the time to slow myself down to enjoy the present moment. I don't take time to enjoy the present moment because I'm too busy looking ahead to what is next and planning for that. Waiting is difficult for me and Advent is a beautiful season of waiting. Here's a humorous example of how waiting has never really been my strong suit. I was in the sixth grade and my mom had gone to the grocery store. My dad was home, but working in the basement so there I was all alone. Just the Christmas tree, the presents underneath and myself. I can remember thinking, "I just CAN"T wait!" So I slid underneath the tree and carefully unwrapped a gift of mine. I peeked into the box, giggled with excitement then carefully wrapped the gift back up. What an adrenaline rush for a sixth grader! So, Christmas morning came and I began to feel guilty when it was time to open up the gifts. I was so excited and just couldn't wait to open that one gift, but now...the excitement was gone because I knew what I was getting. I had in a way, robbed myself of an experience on Christmas morning because I wanted to have that experience earlier on in the month. Years down the road I told my parents that story and they laughed. They were also not in the least bit surprised that I would do something like that.

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The point of the story is you should really watch your kids, especially if you put gifts under the tree right away. Kidding! The point is that we should learn to wait gracefully. When we look to the next big thing you can rob yourself from really soaking up the present moment and letting yourself be completely immersed in the season, especially Advent. It's definitely hard to focus on experiencing Advent when there is so much to do during the holiday season. Gifts to buy for Christmas, Christmas travel plans, Christmas dinners...yeah, yeah, Christmas is my favorite holiday but it's not here yet. So, this week of Advent I'm making it my goal to continue to make Advent my main focus and reflect on my need for a Savior to come.

I truly believe if I can get into the spirit of Christmas Advent, Christmas will be more joyous then ever. When we sit and reflect on our lives, it can  become very clear to us why we long and have a need for a Savior. My prayer for all of us is that we can slow down just a bit to have some time to reflect and wait. No matter how hard it is, to just be and wait on Him.

In other Advent news, how have you all been doing with Advent? I'm falling a little behind on the kids' Jesse tree...oops! I'm planning on carving out some time today to catch up. These past few evenings have been, well, I'll just say interesting for now. It's been a little difficult to actually do the Jesse tree readings. But other than a few abnormal evenings, the kids seem to really like this tradition. Hearing all about the lineage of Jesus and the promises He made so long ago has been good for me as well. I think as an adult I tend to see myself as needing to hear other stories that are more advanced. I'm not sure advanced is the right word for it, but you know what I mean! (Hopefully.)  Noah's Ark...heard that story a million times. Jacob's ladder...heard that before too. Adam and Eve...yeah yeah yeah. But taking my time to try and help my four year old understand these stories and seeing Gavin light up when I talk about a "BIG boat" or "angels going up and down the ladder to heaven" really changes my perspective . These stories are deeply profound and beautiful reminders for everyone, no matter what age you are.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and thanks so much for reading!

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