Advent {Week 4}

Here we are at week 4 and this post will conclude my Advent series! But, it's not all that bad because Christmas is tomorrow! (Whoo hoo!) Our stockings are hung, our tree is decked out and the kids have been talking about flying reindeer lots. It feels, looks and smells like Christmas. I think everyone tends to get a bit nostalgic this time of year and how could you not? Memories of my childhood come flooding back into my mind as the kids talk about making cookies for Santa and asking about Jesus' birthday. (Side note: Sophia would like to make a blue cake for Jesus. She also wanted a blue cake for Gavin's birthday and my birthday as well. She has gotta thing about the color blue I guess.) I'm not entirely sure if we really will make a cake for Jesus, but I do want to make sure that we make a point to make Christmas all about Jesus, especially on Christmas day. As I sit here in my third trimester, 2 months away from having my child, I can't help but think about what Mary was going through the final days of her pregnancy with our Lord. I feel as I get closer and closer to my due date I'm in full "nesting" mode. Finding myself folding laundry at 10:30pm because I just feel the need to do it right then and there. What did Mary to do "nest" for the birth of the King?! If we really went further into that thought, what are we doing to prepare ourselves for our Kings arrival?

Third trimester bump. Hi baby W!

Everyone is SO busy and I am right there with them. I'm finding myself 2 days away from Christmas with gifts that I still need to buy (how that happens every year, I shall never know) and I spent my morning buying last minute items for our Christmas Eve meal. Grocery stores during the holidays are not exactly a walk in the park. All of these things are good things to prepare for and need to get done. Let's face it, someone has to prepare and plan and often times I'm the planner. Which, I kind of love. (Control issues, much?!) However, on this mental list of "things to do" is preparing for Jesus' arrival at the very top of that list? I hate to admit it but often times it's a very low priority of mine during this time of year. Yes, I have planned and planned some more on what Advent would look like for my kids, but what am I personally doing for myself to prepare my heart?

There is so much to think and reflect on this time of year. God, the King of the universe decided to take on flesh so He could laugh with us. Cry with us and suffer with us and for us. Tomorrow we rejoice and celebrate that our King came down from just be with us. Some practical ways I can personally help myself to prepare is to read the daily Advent devotionals and spend time in prayer. Even if it's for 3 minutes, just thinking about and reflecting on the moment Christ came into this world. Thinking about how Mary and Joseph may have felt just days away from giving birth to their son. Like I said, there is so much to think about! I feel like when I quiet myself for just a few minutes every day something inside me changes. I feel more prepared for the day and in reflecting more on Christ's birth and what that means for the world will prepare my heart for the Kings arrival tomorrow.

I hope you all have had a fruitful Advent and you are able to spend time with Christ tomorrow. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and your family in 2015!!!