All Saints

  Being a convert to the faith I overlook some feast days when I know I should be better about celebrating them. All Saints Day is one of those days that seem to come and go. It's one of those feast days that I find myself sitting on my couch at 9 pm thinking, "Shoot, I really wanted to do some cool craft or spend extra time in prayer today..oh well, better luck next year!" So here I am today making a promise to myself that this is the year I will celebrate this feast day.

But...why? Again, being a convert, a lot of feast days come and go and I at times play along with understanding the importance of the feast day but really in the back of my head I'm thinking ,"I really need to do my research and understand the purpose of these feast days!" So I decided to do a little of my own research this morning and figure out just why All Saints Day is so important and why this time of the year is actually a great time for Christians to celebrate instead of avoiding the Halloween holiday.

In my research, I found "the origin of the festival of All Saints celebrated in the West dates to May 13, 609 or 610, when Pope Boniface IV consecrated the Pantheon at Rome to the Blessed Virgin and all the martyrs; the feast of the dedicatio Sanctae Mariae ad Martyres has been celebrated at Rome ever since." (

So we've been celebrating this day  for quite a long time. I also read a homily Pope Francis gave last year around this time of year. He spoke of hope. He had said we should look to the saints with great hope because they are a reminder of the eventual reward. That reward being Heaven! Even though this time of year the focus can be a lot on death, there is so much hope and so much to celebrate as well. Pope Francis also stated in his homily that this type of hope does not disappoint because when you are living your life with the Lord, He will never disappoint you.

I plan on celebrating this feast by attempting to make our favorite Saint puppets! In our family St. Justin, St. Clare & St. Joseph are some of our faves. But really...what saint isn't amazing? The picture below is what I'll be attempting to make but let's face it, Pinterest sets the bar way too high at times and these puppets look a little too perfect.ddce839bdde523ae5ded2fbffb6d7f22

However, if you're not the crafting type I believe reading a book or talking about the saints as a family is just as effective as making a craft. I think as parents we can put too much pressure on ourselves. If you are making any kind of effort, your kids will notice.

What are ways you'll celebrate this year? Let's think of the saints that have impacted our lives in a special way today and ask for their intercession today!