{All Saints}

Happy almost Halloween and almost All Saints Day! My three littles will be trick-or-treating tomorrow as a tiger, princess and ladybug! I think the kids are a little confused by Halloween. I was talking about Halloween yesterday with Sophia and then the questions came flooding in. "What is Halloween?" "We dress up and get CANDY! Why?" I honestly didn't have a great answer for her. When you think about it, it is kind of a strange tradition. You dress up as anything else but yourself and go door to door asking for candy. On the other hand, if free candy is involved...I can see why people don't question this tradition at all. Whether Halloween is your jam or not, I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful time tomorrow!

Another holiday or more like feast day that is coming up that I like to take the time to recognize is All Saints Day which is celebrated on November 1st. I was inspired to do a cloud saint craft by catholicicing.com. I like this craft for younger children because it's a quick craft and all at the same time it makes that connection for the kids that the saints are up in heaven praying for us!

First you can print off saints from online or use prayer cards if you wish to do so. I like to print pictures off of our patron saints from online by using a Google search. Once our favorite saints have been printed off, the kids can cut out the saints and glue them on a cut out of a cloud. During the craft, it's a good time to talk about who the saints are and why as Catholics we ask for their intercession. All of our kids are named after a saint. Well, their middle names especially. Clare, Colette, Joseph. The kids normally really like talking about these particular saints because the saint is apart of their name and what little kid doesn't love talking about themselves! ;)

I am a big believer in having an ongoing conversation with our kids about our faith and why we have certain feast days in the church. That task can seem so overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. This craft takes 10 minutes. Even if you just had some prayer cards lying around somewhere, putting them on the fridge on November 1st would also be a great way to recognize the feast day. Keeping it simple and sharing the faith with the kids...win win right there!