Christmas Recap

Hello all! So, does anyone else have the holiday blues? I fully understand that it's still technically Christmas in the church, but I can't help it. The holidays went by way too fast and I had so much time with family and friends I almost can't wait to do it all over again next year. Well, there is one thing I could have done with out and that was my husband and daughter getting sick! I'll start at the beginning and give you all a little Christmas recap!

On Christmas Eve we spent the day at our house just us 4 and went to Christmas Eve Mass at 4:00. We were running late (not shocking) and the parking lot was beyond full. However, God showed us some mercy and some fellow parishioners said they had a pew saved for some of their extended family, but at the last minute their family would not be able to make it. So they offered our family the pew which was right up front! We felt really blessed by that family just because we were running late, a little frustrated and then BAM! God shows His kindness in the most unexpected ways. We were so worried we would have to stand the whole Mass and we ended up right in the front. Here's a picture of us after Mass...

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We made spaghetti and homemade meatballs for our Christmas Eve dinner. Kind of strange to some people I'm sure, but spaghetti is one of our favorite meals and it's SO easy to make. Besides, we still needed to make cookies for Santa that night so I needed a quick meal that would give us plenty of time to decorate sugar cookies. Our cookies were what I like to call imperfectly perfect. The kids weren't really into decorating as much as they were into eating the cookies! Sometimes, I forget how little the kids are and try to do TOO much with them. I'm thinking next year Gavin might really enjoy decorating and if not, oh well! After decorating we finished up our Jesse Tree for Advent and got ready for bed! The kids were actually excited that Santa would be eating their cookies. I promised the kids that Santa would thoroughly enjoy the milk and cookies! (wink, wink) Off to bed they went!



The next morning they awoke to their stockings filled and I (a VERY last minute decision) made snowman pancakes! This year I used mini M&M's for the eyes and the buttons. Marshmallows for the snow...not exactly health food but hey, this was last minute! Desperate times call for mini M&M's. This was a super easy holiday themed breakfast to pull off and the kids loved it. Although, they may not love it as much next year. I plan on using blueberries for the eyes and buttons...but the marshmallows make the perfect snow.'s Christmas! Everyone deserves a little (or in our case a lot of) sugar!

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We read the nativity story the night before, but I think I will save that story from the bible for Christmas morning and finish up our Jesse Tree on Christmas. I feel like it would have been a good way to begin our day and a good reminder for the kids before they opened up their gifts. (Hopefully I can remember that for next year. Good thing I have this blog!) After presents were opened we got ready and headed off to Grandma and Grandpa's farm. We were having a great time until I noticed Sophia looking a little out of it. Sure enough she was running a fever! It was a long, long night. Maybe God is just preparing me for baby #3?! In fact, God must be preparing me because then the next night and the next after that were long ones too. Poor Sophia had a throat virus and all we could do was give her ibuprofen to ease the fever and sore throat. Although the nights were long, she seemed to be fine during the day. Then, my husband started to come down with what seemed like the same thing Sophia had! This was not good because we had a baptism that Sunday to attend and we're the godparents. We all somehow were able to go to the baptism. Matt was feeling okay and Sophia seemed to be in better spirits. Overall, Sunday turned out to be a great day. We welcomed our brand new niece into the Church and we feel so honored to be her godparents! After the baptism we had donuts then headed back to the farm to squeeze in a nap.

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Sunday afternoon we made the trek back home. We were very tired, but very grateful. It had been a crazy yet wonderful couple of days. It's funny how we all seem to look forward to the holidays as sort of a break, but somehow I feel like I need another break?! Now that the holidays are over, I think I'm ready for a beach vacation...okay...maybe not completely ready for warm weather just yet. I still want some snow days and I have plenty of hot cocoa left over in my cupboard to drink.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend some quality time with loved ones! God bless and have a great New Years!