Family Time

For our family the month of October has been so busy. Its been filled with mainly things I really enjoy, but I can not help being a person who likes the quiet. The more kids that come along in our family, the more commitments I have, I find myself appreciating the quiet more than ever. But getting a free moment can be a little unrealistic at times so we have to work hard as a family to carve out that quiet time, especially that prayer time together as a family. I can't even begin to imagine how much busier life gets when the kids get older! Recently, Matt and I talked about how we need to have a time every week to not only check in with one another, but decide how we want to incorporate prayer time together as a family. With our kids being so young it has been a challenge to be consistent with a set prayer time or even a set time of when Matt and I can get together and hash out our week. But we agreed as long as we are trying, that's all that matters! We decided that Sunday nights work best for prayer time. This prayer time would generally start a little before getting the kids ready for bed and would be used to pray for one another and anyone else that has been on our minds. Again, with our kids being so little we want this time to be short but meaningful. I'm pretty sure the attention span of a two year old is about a minute long...sometimes I feel my own attention span can be that long as well. (I should probably work on that...) After this prayer time, we would let the kids watch a movie or depending on the time put the kids to bed. Once the kids are watching a movie or are in bed, Matt and I felt like our marriage needed some more communication going on. We would use this time to go over what is going on in our upcoming week and share our expectations with one another so there aren't any surprises. With my pregnancy brain in full effect, I often forget to tell Matt about a meeting at school we have or some other commitment I have in the evening. With Matts job schedule being so flexible he sets his own hours. But that can mean he is working from 7am-6:30pm most days. (I admire his work ethic for sure!) The days at home can get long though, so this time together is also good to discuss work hours and to let Matt know my expectations as far as when I really need him go be home by on certain days.

Overall, I'm really anxious to make this family time apart of our weekly routine. I feel like by getting some prayer time(besides night prayer) in as a family, it will bring peace and with having a set time to go over the week with Matt, it will bring more clarity into our marriage. I think the biggest challenge for us will be whether or not we can be disciplined enough to really do this. I like how laid back our marriage is and care free for the most part, but we could use an injection of discipline in there every once in a while!

So with that all said, St. Joseph and St. Monica, pray for us! We could use all the prayer we can get. The proof of this would be in the picture below. Oh, family pictures. Yes, Gavin is sticking out his tongue in just about every picture!!!