Foundation Friday

Happy Friday! Hope you all have had a great week and are ready for the weekend! (I know I am!) For today's post we wanted to focus on a project called the Exodus Experience. Take a look below and I think you'll find that this program is definitely needed! We also wanted to remind everyone about the Live Greater Challenge beginning Monday! The LG Challenge has a goal to get 200 people to commit to giving $10/month to support this great movement. We truly believe that this will give the foundation the momentum we need to start fast and help us to reach our goal of helping the less fortunate.  Please prayerfully consider joining us in this journey, this foundation could not be possible with out your support! Maybe you have felt God stirring up something in your heart during your prayer time, maybe that something could be supporting this foundation and really making an impact on the world.

Below you'll find a detailed description of the Exodus Experience:

 The EXODUS Experience, is designed to respond to the needs of those who have experienced homelessness in a large metropolitan city; the greatest needs are experienced by those who are refugees in America, due to persecution, torture, or threats they experienced in their homeland. The EXODUS EXERIENCE is designed to provide a new beginning for this select group of men and possibly their families.

There are the four main goals of the program:

  • JOB: The work experience for these men will typically be a local industry or job site in a rural location.  These industries will be asked to partner with The EXODUS Experience by providing at minimum, three men with a full time job.  This placement is not only intended to teach job skills in an American industry, but it also will give them a work history that is essential for them to find full time career placements after their time with EXODUS.


  • HOUSING: Along with this stable work environment, the men invited to participate in The EXODUS Experience will agree to live at an Exodus House, which will be dedicated to providing our guests with a family atmosphere, common meals, and house meetings which will support them in their transition out of homelessness.  This house is not just a residence, but a true home where men can experience a life giving community that will help them find healing and purpose for life.


  • EDUCATION: At times, refugees come to our program with an experience of education in their homelands.  They come to the United States with the great hope that they can continue their education in order to open up opportunities to use their gifts and skills to better their life and the lives of their families.  As we develop this program, our hope is to provide our guests with educational opportunities centered around rural industries that will provide them with the essential skills and qualities to help them take the next best step in their life. 


  • FORMATION:The EXODUS Experience is also designed to be a formation program. This formation will  assists men in their transition out of homelessness.  During this transition, we believe that it is vital to focus on the needs of the whole person.  Therefore, our formation program focuses on the immediate needs of housing and employment, but also prioritizes the need for human and spiritual formation.  Spiritual Formation: -          Daily Prayer

    -          Holy Mass and or worship services for their religious affiliation.

    -          Bible Study

    Human Formation:

    -          12 Step Spirituality

    -          Service Projects

    -          House Responsibilities

    -          Optional Counseling 


Thanks for reading and as always you can always find more information about any of our programs on our website!