{Foundation Friday}

Hello and welcome back to another FF post! You may or may not have heard but The Live Greater Challenge has officially started! Please help us to spread the word by sharing this post, sharing the link that you will find below or telling your friends and family! This organization is NOT possible without your support! We sincerely thank you in advance for all of your prayers and sacrifice to make these donations!!! Some key points you must know about this challenge:

1. The challenge starts NOW and will last through the month of September.

2. Go to http://livegreaterfoundation.org/?page_id=1287 to learn more about the challenge, to see how much money we have raised so far and to donate!

3. Our goal is to have 200 people donate $10-$20/month by the end of September! If you can not make a donation at this time, please pray for the success of this foundation! Your prayers are powerful and appreciated.


Besides the The Live Greater Challenge our foundation has so many exciting programs happening.

Our premire program for Live Greater World is Brother's Keeper Medical Missionaries:

The Gospel calls each of us to care for everyone, especially the most vulnerable and forgotten members of our human family. Brother’s Keeper Medical Missionaries provides healthcare services for people in poverty-stricken third world countries who would otherwise have no access to a doctor. A Brother’s Keeper medical team consists of a doctor, a nurse, and a technician/ driver. These medical professionals are locally hired and certified by the national board of medicine in their perspective countries. Each team drives a fully-equipped mobile medical vehicle which allows them to bring x-rays, ultrasound equipment, and other essential equipment and supplies directly to the most vulnerable and severely ill patients in remote areas.

Our first mobile medical team is working out of St. Benedict Joseph Medical Center in Comayagua, Honduras. This small, rural hospital, co-founded by the Franciscan Friar of the Renewal, serves over 3,000 poor patients every month. Our Brother’s Keeper team will make it possible to reach thousands of others in the surrounding area who are unable to get to the medical center on their own.

To learn more about Brother's Keeper Medical Missionaries please visit: http://livegreaterfoundation.org/?page_id=964

Have a GREAT 3-day weekend everyone!