Foundation Friday:{Who we are}

Dadimages Say 'hello' to our President Dick Montgomery! After 47 years of business experience Dick was off to ride into the sunset into retirement. But after watching his sons, who are members of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in NYC and are a part of a Community whose mission it is to engage in hands-on work with the poor and to preach the Gospel, was inspired by their work and knew then that God wanted more from him, but what? With watching his sons' work with the poor and getting much inspiration from our new Pope whose mission is to live the Gospel mandate to care for the poor and for those in need, the Live Greater Foundation Mission was born and that burning question of "what" was answered. So, who are we and what is our purpose?

Live Greater Foundation - WHO ARE WE?

Live Greater is a Midwest charitable foundation formed to support Pope Francis and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in their efforts to care for the poor.

The foundation wants to work to accomplish:

  • A Greater Faith by putting God at the center of our lives
  • A Greater Hope by displaying a confidence that building a Christian culture is possible
  • A Greater Love that demands that we give more of ourselves to God and our neighbor

Now that you know who we are, you may be wondering how can I help? Everyone will soon have the opportunity to really kick start the foundation by participating in the Live Greater Challenge!

The LG Challenge has a goal to get 200 people to commit to giving $10/month to support this great movement. We truly believe that this will give the foundation the momentum we need to start fast and help us to reach our goal of helping the less fortunate.  Please prayerfully consider joining us in this journey, this foundation could not be possible with out your support! Maybe you have felt God stirring up something in your heart during your prayer time, maybe that something could be supporting this foundation and really making an impact on the world.

Through Facebook, Twitter and personal invites we will be launching this campaign very soon, so stay tuned!

Lastly, OUR WEBSITE IS LIVE PEOPLE! So many people have worked so hard on this site and it has so many great resources. CLICK HERE ->   and if you want to start helping the foundation today CLICK HERE ->


Have a fantastic weekend, all!