Gift Ideas

So this week my little girl turns two! TWO! I can hardly believe it and I have yet to get her a present. Bad mom alert,eh? Or maybe just really busy mom alert! We usually like to keep things pretty low key. Some years I have thrown birthday parties for the kids and others (like this year) we have just chosen to do something as a family together. This year, we are taking Sophia to the pumpkin patch on Saturday! I'm not really sure who is more excited the kids or Matt and I?! As I was searching for gifts today, I decided to take a look at some educational toys. The norm popped up on my Amazon search. Puzzles, lace up toys, books. Then it dawned on me...what about Catholic/Christian toys? I have never ventured into the Christian toy world and didn't even know it existed until today! I feel like kids learn really well through play. So why not try to teach our kids about the faith while playing with them?!

I stumbled upon a website called and you have to take a look at it! Especially with the holidays coming up, there are definitely some toys on there worth looking at.

  • I really liked this floor puzzle. You can create and tell about the story of creation with you your kids. Puzzles keep my kids occupied for a while. I bet a gigantic floor puzzle would be even better!


  • Another toy that my son actually has (thanks to his Godmother!) is this Joseph's Helper Tool Set + Apron. On the back of the apron it tells the story of Joseph the Carpenter. My son isn't really into wearing the apron, but really likes the tools that come with it! It could even double up as a Halloween costume.


  • There were so many great toys on this website it was hard to just pick a few to write about! But I really like the Nativity magnets. I like magnets because they keep my kids busy and there is less mess on the living room floor! These magnets would be a good way to talk about the nativity while putting the nativity together on the fridge.

Hope you got some ideas for this upcoming holiday season or even a birthday!

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