As I sit here at my kitchen table it looks more like 8:00 in the evening than noon! It's raining, it' pouring as my four year old likes to point out! For some reason when the weather is less than favorable I find myself more productive then ever. I have folded two loads of laundry, sheets in the wash now, dishes put away and making lunch for the kids soon. I also managed to have time to sit down and read! At the beginning of January I decided to make a new year's resolution and made a commitment to really stick to it. I have made resolutions in the past, but if I am being honest here...I keep the resolution for like 2 months than I'm over it. My goal this year was to read a book a month. I've been wanting to read a ton more and I just thought no more excuses, put down the phone and laptop and pick up the book! So far, I have completed 6 books and I'm on my 7th book now. (I'm a month behind! Oops!) I'm currently reading Saint John Paul The Great: His Five Loves. I knew I liked JPII, but reading about his life has given me a whole new respect for him. It's kind of amazing (and terrifying) what the generations before us went through. But reading about JPII has also given me a new drive to make better use of my time, even the rest God gives me. Or at least try to. Before becoming pope, Fr. Karol spoke to a group of young people and said, "Dedicate your time and effort, even your rest, to this Gospel. Do not be afraid that this is lost time, that you will not rest. This is exactly when you will rest the most, because man must rest with his whole being , both physical and spiritual, so that he may rest in truth and return having found himself." (Quote from Saint John Paul The Great: His Five Loves) I really like this quote because it hit close to home. In my time of rest, I quickly turn to Netflix, or Facebook but these often leave me with a feeling of laziness or I feel more tired than before I decided to just sit and scroll through my feed. (How does that even happen!?) Things like watching a movie or going through Facebook aren't bad, but for me...it wasn't necessary fulfilling for me to chose these options each time I had some down time in my day. The last part of Father Karol's quote is what stuck me the most, "so that he may rest in truth and return having found himself." When we rest in God for 3 minutes-30 minutes-an hour...whatever you are able to give, don't you come back from that feeling refreshed and recharged, brand new? I know I do. When I give God a little of my time, I feel more centered through out my day. I don't feel like  I should have been doing something else and I come back with a better attitude. (Which is definitely a win for my family! ;))

So challenge yourself this week to rest in Him and give yourself the chance to find yourself again! Hope you all have a great week!! Don't forget to check out our website that has great book recommendations on there!