How's it going?

We are well into Lent,'s it going? Easy? Difficult? You haven't thought much about it? There's no right or wrong answer here. I think D.) All of the above would apply to me. I gave up sweets. All the sweets...then...39 weeks pregnant happened, a trip to the ER (we are all fine), 2 sick kids and one messy house later...I caved. Gummy bears, M&Ms then wait for it...a piece of red velvet cake thanks to my mom who came to my rescue. After having a rough couple of weeks I sent up a red flare and waved the white flag and she came to my rescue with cake. So, after my little pity party and binge eating of sweets I felt pretty guilty. Then that's when I decided feeling guilty for something like that is "so silly". (As my daughter would say.) Lent is supposed to be a journey, not something you just have a countdown to until you actually can eat that big piece of cake. As Christians we will fail many times, but it's our reaction to those failures that count the most. Do we sit back after failing and say, "This is too hard...I give up." NO! We ask for forgiveness and we keep our eyes on Christ. It's through these ups and downs that make the journey worth it. By Easter, we should be changed. The journey of Lent, the ups and downs should make us feel different. Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


So ask yourself again, how's it going? If that question makes you feel guilty, stop right there. I think when we "fall" we are at our most vulnerable and that's when God can really work on our hearts. So if you are feeling disappointed with your Lent thus far, there is still time to change. Invite God during prayer to change your heart and attitude. Ask Him to change your perspective on Lent. Join Jesus in the dessert and become vulnerable with Him.

I may cave in (hopefully not) again to sweets because I'm an emotional human being but I refuse to give up on the journey that Christ wants me to experience this season. I hope you all have a great week and are able to get through the low points this season may offer, because those moments really make the sweet moments...just that much sweeter. (Like my M&Ms I had.)


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