Hello and welcome to the very first Live Greater Foundation blog post! Here I hope to share with you all my ideas, my struggles and my joys on life, on family and even on my relationship with Christ. I think I'll even throw a recipe or two in there as well because let's face it...I'm a big foodie. (No shame.) We will also have a 'Foundation Friday' post each week to let you know what's going on with the foundation. Other than family advice and giving you your next go to meal my hope for this blog is that you will leave feeling refreshed and inspired. I know when I was asked to do this blog I had read over the Live Greater Family mission statement. In that statement I read this, "Live Greater Family is dedicated to bring parents and children closer to Christ and to each other through educational initiatives and family fellowship activities. It is designed as a one-stop resource to mothers, fathers and children to help them grow in faith and become better, stronger Christians." After reading that statement, I knew that is exactly what I wanted this blog to do. I want this blog to inspire others to become better, stronger Christians. With that said, let's get right into it...introductions!

As you have probably gathered, my name is Amanda. I'm from the Kansas City area and have been married for almost 5 years. I have two red headed babes named Gavin (almost 4) and Sophia (almost 2) and yes, I even have a red headed husband named Matt. I currently stay at home with my kiddos. Before I made the decision to stay-at-home with the babes I had experience working as a Volunteer Coordinator at a non-profit organization then shortly after I became a Family Shelter Supervisor/Caseworker for a homeless shelter. I really enjoyed my time in the non-profit world but as always, God had plans for my life that I could have never planned for myself. (I'll get back to that later!) Other than staying at home with the kids, I really like to paint, I'm a wannabe runner and thoroughly enjoy a good cup of coffee. Yes, I'm a coffee snob. Yes, I realize that is somewhat annoying to people. Let's see what interesting fact of mine is that I am convert to the Catholic faith. I came into the Church in 2009 and received a ton of sacraments all in the same year. We're talking baptism, confirmation, first communion, reconciliation, marriage...phew. 2009 was a good year people.

Oh, yes...the awkward "selfie". This is me on my way to a wedding. Otherwise, you can find this stay-at-home momma in yoga pants and t-shirts! (Which is completely fine.)

 My husband Matt is a recently "retired" Varsity Catholic FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionary. He currently works for an ag company where he is a district sales manager. Matt grew up on a farm so he's thrilled to be getting back to his agriculture roots. Matt is a runner (not a wannabe like myself, but an actual runner. They DO exist!), a hunter & a really good dad. Matt and I were in FOCUS for the past 5 years and have learned so much through the organization that it feels good to be apart of this foundation that ultimately has the same goals in reach out and help others become better versions of themselves.


Here's the husband, Matt. It was hard to find a normal picture of him. Most pictures just include him wrestling with the kids or giving me a look that says,"Are you really going to take my picture, Amanda?" (Raised eyebrows and all)

 My son Gavin is a dinosaur loving, picky food eater, sweet 3 1/2 year old boy. Gavin being the first born is somewhat of our guinea pig for Matt and I. Being the first born has its perks for sure but for Matt and I every phase and stage Gavin goes through is so new...all we can do is pray that we're not messing up and do our best.

 My daughter Sophia is a social butterfly and thrill seeker! I seriously understand why the backpack leash was now made. Sophia is the fastest toddler there is, I swear. I always have to keep my eye on her so closely. She is also such a joy and makes us laugh a lot. She is fearless and I almost envy her for it!

So there you have it, our introductions! Please feel free to comment anytime if you have blog post suggestions, prayer requests and encouraging words are always appreciated! I look forward to sharing with you my families life. Not to simply showcase our family and only show you the good moments. I feel like the internet has enough blogs that only shows you the good...where's the bad and the ugly? Life is messy. Yes, there are plenty of good moments that should be shared but I want to be as real as possible. If I am going to be real, then that means sharing the good, the bad and even the ugly with you all. Is that scary? Absolutely. No one likes to admit their struggles, their shortcomings. But I feel if we are honest with one another and share our joys as well as our struggles then that's when we can really help one another out. So sit back, relax and enjoy this crazy ride of the, "Live Greater Blog." It will surely be an adventure. God bless!