{jumping ahead}

For some strange reason once the fourth of July is over, I'm ready for Summer to end and Fall to arrive. Nothing like wishing your life away,eh? I just can't help it though. In fact, I already bought little Lucy a "I'm so cute it's scary" onesie. Yeah, I know...it's still July. (Insert slightly embarrassed emoticon here)  So I may be jumping ahead here, okay....way ahead. Now that I've confessed my embarrassing purchase to you all, let's refocus on the present. Lucy is almost 5 months old, she is starting to get more predictable. I like predictable because that means I know when I'm going to have some free time during my day/evening. One evening, Lucy went to bed early and my husband put the kids to bed allowing me to get some DIY projects checked off my list. For a while now, I've been wanting to create some kind of chore chart for the kids. I stumbled upon another blog that had this great idea of creating chore magnets. (I wish I could remember which blog I got this idea from!) Anyway, I used the company Sticky9 which takes your Instagram photos and turns them into magnets. I also downloaded an app to my phone where you can add words to your photos. I created VERY simple tasks/chores for the kids to do. I created magnets that said things like, dishes in sink, get dressed, brush your teeth, etc. (See picture below) IMG_20150728_183732I came up with such simple tasks to begin with to get them used to the idea of completing chores. Once the kids have completed the chore, they have to put their magnet in the "done" box. Which is just a mesh magnetic box that I got off of Amazon. (Online shopping is a moms best friend.) At the end of the day if they have completed all their chores, I give them some change. The idea is to collect enough change by the end of each month that we can go to the dollar store and pick out something fun to reward them OR have them put it in their savings. I mean, if I were a 5 year old I would choose the dollar store every time. But don't tell Gavin that. Nothing against banks, but $1 stores are like going to Disney Land for toddlers. Or maybe just my toddlers because they are easily amused by all the trinkets the dollar store has to offer. Anyway, we are only on day 3 and it's already starting to look a little shaky. Day 1 and 2 were great. They loved putting the magnets in the done box and almost seemed giddy to complete their chores. However, tonight they did not receive any change because there were magnets left up on the fridge. I'm hoping they were just really tired tonight and just wanted to go to bed...because they didn't seemed too phased by my whole, "why chores are important speech". Uh oh! Oh well, I will continue to stick to my guns and try to do this magnet chore chart. After all, it's only day 3 and I'm excited to reward them at the end of the month. IMG_20150728_185058 Next week we will be taking a family vacation to Colorado. So, I guess we will be away from the chores for a while. Including myself, which will be really great. So, I suppose I don't really mind jumping right ahead to next week because the mountains are calling my name! Our family plus my brother and parents will be staying in a cabin in Estes Park. I think it's going to be a really great way to close out the summer and get geared up for another school year. But before mountains, we have Gavin's 5th birthday next Wednesday! I (almost) have a five year old.  F I V E. I know every single mother says this, but really, seriously, where does the time go? We will be having Ninja Turtle cake, playing with friends and I can't wait to give Gavin his Ninja Turtle pajamas that have a blue (Leonardo is his favorite) mask to go with it. We got him some other fun things for his birthday as well. But, I kind of love this age. You can give kids ninja turtle socks and princess underwear and they just think it's the coolest. So simple. For some reason I feel like pajamas as a present may not be as cool when Gavin is 13? I could be wrong? Who knows. Anyway...I guess you can see why I'm ready for this week to be over...so many great things to look forward too. Mountains, not having to do any laundry while staring at the mountains and best of all, celebrating my not so little boy's birthday. I pray you all have a fantastic close to your summer as well! God bless!