Lent 2016

Day 2 of Lent is coming to a close, do you know what you are giving up yet?! I'm kidding, kind of. Normally, I'm still scrambling to figure out what it is exactly I'd like to give up during Lent, but this year I was prepared. Surprisingly prepared. Thanks to Catholicicing.com and few other blogs I like to read! Lent is a time to simplify our lives, get rid of our attachments to this world and cling to God. For Lent this year we took a different approach and decided to do something as a family. As the kids get older I'm always looking for new ways to introduce each season the Church has to offer. Each year I can see that they are understanding more and more of what Advent, Lent and Easter are all about. It's so fun for my husband and me to see our kids just start to get it! There are SO many great ideas out there and although I gave up social media, mainly Instagram, I cannot deny it's power on giving us parents some amazing ideas on how to celebrate each liturgical season.

Before we start to get too far into Lent I wanted to share what we are doing as a family for Lent. I got the idea from this website: http://www.catholicicing.com/lenten-activities-for-children/ This website has it all! So, if you need activities for the kids during Lent, click on the link. Anyway, this year I printed off the (free) Lenten countdown calendar. There was enough space to write in an activity for the next 40 days. For instance, on one space it says, "Pray for the Pope" on another space "No TV for the day". You can come up with whatever you want to do. At the very end, on Easter, instead of doing something or sacrificing something for the day we will then celebrate by picking an activity to do together. I'm sure it'll involve consuming lots of ice cream.

Overall, I wanted to keep this Lent simple and special for the family. I wanted to do something that wasn't just for the kids. During each season I sometimes feel if I create something just for the kids, then the rest of the holiday or season I feel as if I'm policing instead of experiencing each liturgical season with them. This calendar seems like it will be good for everyone of all ages. As each day goes by we will cross off the day then talk about what we will do the next day. Usually, when the spaghetti is not being thrown all over the floor and the screaming is at a minimum, dinnertime is a good time to talk about the tasks that we get to look forward to. If this goes well this year, I can see this becoming a Lenten tradition. 20160209_103511I'm also looking forward to a Lenten series of talks that our church is putting on. It's mainly over spousal prayer and communication. I will be sure to blog about the experience as we all could use some extra help in the communication department every now and then! I hope you all are having a great start to your Lent, God bless!