Packing my life away

Summer time is always a time I look forward too. We get to kiss the frigid weather that winter brings goodbye for a few months and welcome warm days and shorts to our lives. But with Summer comes Summer vacation, another bonus to the season however the packing is what I loathe. So to kick my packing blues I decided to get a head of the game and devise a plan to make sure we wouldn't leave anything behind that we would need. Before I started to pack my life away for our summer getaway to the lake, I decided to make a vacation packing list. I figured if I wrote down everything that was on my mind to pack it would get it out of my mind and on to paper. Once I made lists, it was super easy to pack because I wasn't constantly second guessing myself and wondering if I had forgotten anything. Besides, does anyone else feel it to be super satisfying to put a little checkmark next to the completed task? It's the small things, people.


Once all of the essentials were packed, I knew the next challenge would be packing the diaper bag. Our road trip was going to be almost 6 hours long so I knew I needed to pack a bag better than Mary Poppins could. (Sorry, we've been watching a ton of Mary Poppins lately and the kids do think her bag is pretty awesome. Who doesn't?) My kids can easily entertain themselves at home but when it comes to being in the better have some ear plugs. They get so, SO antsy if they are in their car seats for more than an hour and they are not the best sleepers while out on the road. Like I said above, I knew this was going to be a challenge but I think I found the perfect items for a successful road trip:

I know in this household Goldfish is the snack of choice and the Aquadoodle is amazing. With the Aquadoodle you fill up a pen with water and then the kids can draw all over the mat. As the mat gets wet, the color comes out. When mat starts to dry, the drawing disappears and the kids can use the mat over and over and over again. Since the pen is just water, there's never a mess! A major win in my book. I usually try to save fruit snacks for special occasions just because let's be real...fruit snacks are better than candy and kids know it. So, the fruit snacks are for when we get desperate and need some quiet out on the road. Books and DVDs are kind of a must have and last but not least, the classic Etch and Sketch. I got an Etch and Sketch for the same reason I got the Aquadoodle, no mess! That was key to this road trip, to find things for the kids to do that wouldn't cause a major mess.

Any tips you use while packing for a road trip? I'd love to hear what you all do when you are about to hit the road with your kids!