Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to be going right? In fact, so many things happen in one day  you just have to look back at the day and laugh? Well, I recently had one of those days where I started off the day pretty angry then ended up just laughing at everything that had happened. Sometimes the Lord makes it completely obvious that He's giving me opportunities to practice patience (say that ten times fast) and I still lose my cool and ask Him to kindly stop giving me these opportunities. 87babb19c6fbfdd0cffcb80e212fb59dI found the above image from Pinterest and it perfectly described how I was feeling that day! Prior to finding this picture, I decided to make a Target run. The kids were arguing, I needed to get a few things for dinner so I packed the diaper bag and off we went. All the way to the store the kids were for some reason pumped up about the "big" cart they would get to ride in. I don't know if you have seen the kids carts at Target, but they are massive. You can strap two kids in the front and then the actual cart is behind the kids. (I don't know how else to describe that...) So when you are going through the store, you are pushing the semi-truck of all carts. Naturally, I have Lucy in the carseat in one hand and holding the hands of my other two children in the other and that's when it happened...wouldn't you know it but there were NO BIG CARTS! NOOOOO! I tried to act like it was no big deal and that it would be really fun for Gavin and Sophia to just walk with mommy. The kids weren't buying it. Three feet into the store and tears started to well up in Gavin's eyes and Sophia was giving me that diva toddler death stare....uh oh. (Opportunity #1 to be patient) What was a mom to do?! Yep...go to the $1 bin at Target and find more junk to bring back to the house. I survived Target with a newborn and two children somewhat walking...more like constantly wandering off from me, but I survived. I managed to get two things from my list and the rest, well, the rest of the items from Target were clearly items that screamed, "Okay, okay....you can have that just don't run off in a million different directions." We left with items like dinosaur erasers, robot underwear and princess markers...oh my. When we got back home, I put a movie on for the kids and Lucy was letting me know that she was hungry. So as I was feeding Lucy, I sent Matt the patience picture that I posted above, telling him about my crazy trip to Target and how I didn't need the Lord to send me any more opportunities. Just as I finished sending Matt that text and picture, I was done feeding Lucy. As I sat and stared at Lucy, I was reflecting on the day and that's when it dawned on me. Sophia had opened up the refrigerator while I was nursing Lucy...but I had not seen her since she opened up the door. As I walked around the house trying to find my way too quiet toddler I stumbled upon this scene...11280566_1625807464323342_933084797_nYep...that's Sophia with an entire bag of shredded cheese dumped out onto my bedroom floor. It was one of those moments that you are so shocked you are just not sure what to do or say. She flashed that smile at me with cheese hanging out of her mouth and I just laughed. As I was telling Matt about my day and how I didn't need any more things to happen...Sophia was in cheese heaven. I of course told Sophia how naughty that was and had her help me clean the mess up, but it still made me laugh. God works in mysterious ways and humorous ways to teach us lessons. That day, it was to look at the bigger picture and not get so upset at the small stuff. Who knew a Target kids cart (or lack there of) and cheese on the floor would set me off? You can't sweat the small stuff and you can't let events from the day dictate your feelings or emotions. You have to choose joy and that is SO hard! So let's pray for one another. Let's pray for patience, peace and less cheese on the floor. God bless!