Daylight savings time is here and those of us with small children know all too well while the rest of the world is enjoying their extra hour of sleep, we are barely surviving the mornings. Barely. Thank goodness for coffee because my 2 year old got up at 4:50 this morning. I was not happy, at all. In fact, I was furious for some reason. I say "some reason" but I'm pretty sure pregnancy hormones played a huge role in my mood this morning as well. After I had put things in perspective, had my cup of coffee, I cooled down and was ready to take on the day. Wait, did you catch that? Instead of giving up on the day and getting caught up in the drama of me being grumpy...I put things in perspective. Recently, I have been reading a book called, Momnipotent by Danielle Bean. In chapter 3 she discusses women's hearts and how we feel a lot of things, a lot of the time. God made women this way on purpose! The husband might be the head of the family but we are the heart of the family and what a gift that is. Well, a gift because we nurture, we have passion and empathy. Women seem to be more in tune with not only our own feelings but others feelings as well. When life throws a ton at us, we seem to thrive on the ride of the emotional roller coaster. However, at times this gift can get out of hand. We tend to overanalyze, get caught up in drama and can be so passionate about how we are feeling, we may not filter our words to one another. Which can end up hurting the ones we love the most!

So as women, what can we do to embrace the gift that God has given us? The gift of a big heart that feels every emotion possible. One way that I have found has helped me in my friendships and my marriage is to think before I speak. We have all heard of this saying before thanks to our mothers, but how often do we really think before we speak? Whether it be gossip in the work place or a heated argument with a loved one... in that moment of passion... how do we handle ourselves? Do we get caught up in the drama? I know I do!!! Or would we be better off to take a step back, let things cool down then give someone advice or resolve an argument. One of the biggest challenges for me is just that, the thinking and waiting it out part until I've cooled down. The part where I let Jesus in and wait long enough to give a rational and compassionate response.

Feelings are a good thing to have. It drives us and motivates us to do great things. But feelings, if not handled with care can lead to hurt as well. So let's make it our prayer today to let God in, in those moments where we are furious. I pray we let God in when our 2 year old wakes us up at 4:50 so we may show our kids what compassion and mercy looks like.

Side note: I know men have feelings as well, but I can only write from the perspective  of a female for obvious reasons.:) So men, please pray for yourselves and us as well. Prayers all around because you know when that driver cuts you off on the road, "It's okay!", is NOT what we are thinking of in that moment.  Oh feelings....