So as I sit here typing it feels a bit eerie. It's quiet, I'm sipping my (still hot) coffee and Lucy is able to roam (more like roll) around the living room playing with whatever toy she would like to play with. The big kids went to their grandparents farm yesterday and although it's been nice to have this free time, I sure do miss them when they're gone. But when I get the opportunity to have free time like this, it's SO tempting to bust out the Netflix while Lucy naps and break into my not-so-secret stash of M&M's knowing the kiddos won't be peering around the corner getting a glimpse of mom sneaking some candy. I made a "to-do" list in order to stay on track and make my time useful while the kids are gone. However, don't let me fool you, I have things like "go to Hobby Lobby" on this to-do list. So consider it a fun to-do list. Why not kick back and fully relax while the kids are gone? Well, I find myself more often than not wishing for opportunities to get things done around the house. Whether that be to organize, de-clutter, clean, whatever it may be it just usually requires that the kids be kept busy or else it never gets done. So I'm resisting the urge today to lounge around and pretend like the laundry doesn't exist! I've found some motivation through a podcast I found through a friend. The podcast is by Mike and Alicia Hernon and is called Messy Parenting. They talk all things family & other topics as well but it's from a Catholic perspective. I've never really taken the time before to listen to podcasts but decided to try it out one day. I was able to listen to the podcast right from my phone while unloading the dishes. It's always a plus when I can get things done around the house AND be able to be inspired. Win-win situation right there. Anyways, I have been craving for more order in my life and then here comes this podcast called, "Creating Order in a Messy World". Okay, Lord...I get it...I WILL listen to this. After listening to this podcast it helped me to get my priorities straight, so life is perfect now. KIDDING, but really, it was a great podcast and really motivated me and inspired me to put more positive and meaningful habits into my life.

Here are some of the changes I'd like to make to my days:

1. Listen to these types of spiritually uplifting podcasts at least 2x a week. On an off day, these podcasts can really turn your day around and inspire you

2. No Facebook, Instagram, Netflix or email until I've at least prayed a few minutes that day. If I can devote anywhere from 10-30 mintues to social media or email per day (let's be real here, its probably more than that!) I can most likely devote some more time to my relationship with God. You might regret wasting time on the internet but you will never regret spending some time with God.1273803_840742499296979_6636494361508053686_o

If you're interested you can find the podcast here :  https://www.facebook.com/MessyParenting?fref=ts <- Just click on that link and it'll take you straight to their Facebook page.

With getting some prayer time in this morning and a to-do list created I already feel the chaos of the day fading and order creeping in slowly.

What are some podcasts you can't live without? What podcasts give you motivation and fulfill you? Feel free to post your favorite podcast in the comments on our Facebook page. Now that I'm getting into these, I'd love to know what else I should be listening too!