St. John Bosco

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St. John Bosco

Saint John Bosco was a man who devoted his life to young people.  He became a Catholic priest and spent his life in homes and schools he built for his boys.  He started a religious family, called the Salesians, to continue his work.  He's honored all over the world as a saint

10 Facts about St. John Bosco

1.  His parents were poor farmers. His father died when John was only two years old, and John and his brothers helped their mother work on the farm as she struggled to keep the family together. As soon as he was old enough, John, too, worked as hard as he could to help his mother.

2. John was educated in the faith and in living according to the Gospel message by his mother.

3. At age nine, he had a prophetic dream in which a number of unruly young boys were uttering words of blasphemy. Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary appeared to John in the dream, saying he would bring such youths to God through the virtues of humility and charity.

4. While still a boy he began to entertain his peers with games alternated with work, prayer and religious education.

5. In 1841, John Bosco was ordained a priest. From that time, John was known as “Don” Bosco, a traditional Italian title of honor for priests. In the city of Turin, he began ministering to boys and young men who lived on the streets, many of whom were without work or education.

6. He established a group known as the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales, and became a kindly spiritual father to boys in need. His aging mother helped support the project in its early years.

7. St. John Bosco started his own religious order of priests and brothers. They were called the Salesians, after St. Francis de Sales.

8. Then he started the order of Salesian sisters with the help of St. Mary Mazzarello. These men and women pray and teach young people about God's love in countries all over the world even today.

9. The Salesians from expanded in Europe and beyond and were helping 130,000 children in 250 houses by the end of St. John Bosco's life.

10. St. John Bosco died on Jan. 31, 1888, after conveying a message: “Tell the boys that I shall be waiting for them all in Paradise.”He was canonized on Easter Sunday of 1934, and is a patron saint of young people, apprentices, and Catholic publishers and editors.

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