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Foundation Friday

Happy Friday and welcome to this weeks edition of Foundation Friday! We have been up to a lot this week so I'll get right to it.   First there was the big trip to New York to rejoice with Br. Angelus who just took final vows this past weekend. Thank you for your prayers for him and the 7 others from the Friars of the Renewal who gave their lives to God in a special and profound way. Pictures can say 1000 words, so I'll let all the pictures do the talking this time. Enjoy!

Another program we are working on is “Potluck 4 the Poor” which provides fresh food for the St. Anthony's Shelter for Renewal (NYC) every month, allowing the guest an opportunity to share meals together in fellowship and fraternity. We believe that this experience is an "icon" of the Christian life, a moment to experience the blessings of life shared together as family, and to rejoice in the providence of God. We invite you to share in this initiative by partnering with us to give food to the poor. For more information on how to help please contact:   Hope you all have a blessed weekend!!!