{this and that}

Now that Lucy is 2 months old, things are starting to feel normal again and normal feels good. I get that everyone's normal is different after having a baby, but it takes me about 2 months to get into a good rhythm. I'm glad I started to feel more like myself again because we had a lot going on this past month and the month of May looks pretty busy as well. The most exciting news in April would have to be Lucy's baptism. It was a great day filled with family time. Our family is spread out so it was nice to have my parents as well as my in-laws all under the same roof. To my surprise Lucy did well at the baptism. She slept through all of Mass and most of the baptism. I held my breath a little when Father poured water over her head, but she didn't make a sound! (My son was a different story, apparently washing away original sin wasn't his favorite. Or maybe the water was just really cold?! ) After the baptism we of course took 1000 pictures and out of the 1000 we took,the picture below was the best one.

After the photo shoot, we all came back to our house to eat, open gifts and hang out. I made the cross cake that is in the picture above. It's not the best in the world, but I really liked how it turned out. There wasn't a cupcake left once the party was over, so I'm guessing they tasted pretty good too. The Godparents of Lucy also gave her some pretty cool gifts. Kevin, the godfather, gave her a small glass bottle with her name and baptism date engraved on it. Kevin waited for everyone to leave the church and he then filled the bottle with the holy water that Lucy was baptized in! I thought that was such a good idea. Jessica, the godmother, ordered a print that she framed that had a bible verse and Lucy's full name, date and place of baptism on it. I really like personalized gifts. In fact, if I could put a monogram on every piece of clothing I own, I would. (kidding...kind of.)


This month we celebrated my husband's birthday. He turned the big 3-0 this month. For some reason we were a bit more nostalgic with this birthday. I think when you are a kid, 30 seems really old. Practically 100...but when you are the one turning 30, you really still feel like a kid in some ways and you realize that 30 is NOT old. Definitely not old. For Matt's birthday I emailed/sent Facebook messages to family and old college friends asking them to send me their most favorite memory of Matt. I only intended to get 30 different memories, but our family and friends outdid themselves and I had at least 40 memories of Matt. I printed out all of the memories then put them in 30 different envelopes. It was a collection of memories of the past 30 years and they were so fun to read. It was a gift for Matt and myself in some ways. I really loved the memories of Matt as a kid. It just explains so much and I'm scared for my children now. Kidding!

Overall, we have had a great couple of months and I'm so glad to be welcoming spring and soon summer. We have a lot going on this summer including a vacation to Colorado. Love me some mountains.

I hope you all are doing well and if you have been feeling a little off lately, I hope you begin to find your normal again as well! God bless!