Is it just me or is it so hard to trust in the Lord? I have come to the realization over the years that I fully believe in our God but have a really tough time in trusting Him. I like to be in control. I never considered myself a control freak until I got pregnant with my son. It was absolute agony for me to not be in control of how my son was developing, not knowing for sure if he was okay,etc. As it would turn out, he was a perfectly healthy baby and in the end all that worry was for nothing! Here I sit now with baby number 3 and I feel myself falling into my old ways. Meaning, I find myself saying, "God, I give all my anxiety and worry to you....well, maybe not...I'll just keep a hold of this feeling because if I get too joyful something bad may happen. So, I love you Lord...but I got this one."  Why do I do this? If I truly believe God is the God of the universe, can work miracles and wants the best for all of us...why do I let myself get caught up in worry instead of being caught up in joy? As always, God never fails and in my prayers asking God to show me how I can trust Him more I received an email reminding me that the St. Therese Novena was starting up. I have never prayed this novena before so decided it would be an easy was to pray each day for a specific intention. As I started day 2 of the novena here is what the prayer said:


Do you see a theme here? TRUST. "Loving God, you loved St. Therese's complete TRUST in your care." "I TRUST in you, Lord. Help me to TRUST you more!"  I love when you pray for God to help you with something and He really does work in very subtle ways. I never check these novena emails I get and I have never had the desire to pray this novena before. All of a sudden I decide to check my email and decide to do this novena...thank you, God! My hope is at the end of this novena I can let go and trust like St. Therese did. Starting today, I am going to trust Him a little each more each day. Baby steps.

I encourage anyone reading this to join me in this novena. You can sign up at: When you sign up, they will email you reminders about different novenas coming up! They also email the novena prayers right to your inbox making it convenient. That way, you can pray the novena pretty much anywhere!

I hope you all have a great week and God bless!