{Valentine's Day}

  As I began to write this post I intended it to be all about Valentine's Day. I wanted to share with you all a craft that I had created that you could re-create on the big day and I wanted to share with you my favorite Valentine's Day treat that we usually make every year. Then, I got a C O L D. If you have ever been pregnant with a cold, it's no walk in the park so with Valentine's Day around the corner I don't see any of the above happening. I am officially 37 weeks pregnant and have been willing this little girl to come early. But with a 2 year old who has an ear infection and me with my cold...baby can feel free to stay  put until 40 weeks!!! I'm pretty sure I am the only pregnant woman in her 9th month who is wanting to wait until 40 weeks! Although I have been a bit down with this cold, that doesn't mean I haven't been feeling the love. I may not be sharing a Valentine's Day craft or treat I made this year, but I felt like sharing what I have been loving lately instead.



My husband was making breakfast one morning and it just so happened that his avocado on his toast made a heart shape. Even our food knows that the day of love is around the corner. We have been trying to eat a little more healthy around here, but then...Dunkin Donuts happened after my doctor's appointment this morning.

IMG_20150211_103837Oh, hey there good looking. Yeah, I love you too, vanilla crème donut. Didn't you all know that Dunkin' Donuts is the perfect cold remedy? No? Well, now you do. I figured with lent around the corner ( A blog post on that coming soon.) I might as well indulge a little, right?

IMG_20150206_115935Something else that I have loved lately, is all the snow we got last week and the fact that it was in the 50's one day. Playing in the snow when it's 50 degrees outside is pretty amazing. Sophia wasn't so sure about the snowman we made. She has a great imagination so for her the snowman was an actual person we had created, which kind of freaked her out. So after she put the nose on, she stayed far away from the mysterious man made out of snow. Other than being creeped out by our snowman she loved being outside. This winter has felt a little long, well, every winter gets to be a little long after a while. So it was a great blessing to have a few days in a row where it felt like Spring!

If you all have "liked" our Live Greater page on Facebook I'm sure you have been seeing these Saint of the Month pages popping up! I absolutely love these too. I find the Saints fascinating but I don't have a lot of time to do in-depth research on every saint I come across. I wish I did, but for now these Saint of the Month graphs are perfect. Of course this months Saint is St. Valentine. I found it to be interesting that while he was in custody he was still spreading the word of God and converted 46 members of a guards family to Christianity!

St. Valentine

The last thing that I have loved is getting to soak up these last few weeks with being a family of 4. We are all truly excited and ready to meet this little girl in 3 short weeks but it has caused me to pause and reflect on many things. Things like, how I can't believe Gavin is 4 and a half and Sophia is starting to potty train. The time goes by so fast and although being a mother of toddlers is tough, I know that one day I really will miss the craziness. So before this newborn enters our world, we have been playing (well, trying to play) board games, slowing down enough to just enjoy the little things with the kids has been the best. I have caught myself in the middle of cleaning and seeing Gavin in the living room with a book. Although I really wanted to finish cleaning, I know how crazy it's going to be here in a couple of weeks and spending time with Gavin and Sophia is more important.

Whether married, dating, single...whatever...I hope you all have a fantastic day on Saturday and get to spend some time with the people that you love! Happy Valentine's Day!