What we're watching...

The weather has been gorgeous lately! It has felt like Spring and we all have been soaking every bit of sun in we can get. However, this is the Midwest and it's still January, so of course the forecast would be calling for snow this Saturday. {Sigh.} With the cold coming that means I just need to get creative with the kids and remember to give myself a break! (This is also when I pull out the, I'm super pregnant card. I'm 35 weeks and counting...momma is tired!) I refuse to give myself "mommy guilt" when I decide to turn on the old tube for the kids. Of course they aren't sitting in front of the television all day long, but Jesus gave us this little thing called Netflix and I put it to good use. Okay, Jesus probably didn't give us Netflix but when it's been a very long day, I find myself thanking Him for it! Can I get an Amen?! Anyone? Anyway, like I said before, there is no shame in taking a little break for yourself. However, if the kids are going to be watching TV you want it to be something good, right? Below I have compiled a short list of movies that we have been watching. I hope this gives you some more options besides Bob the Builder. On a completely random note, do you ever find yourself singing the theme songs of your kids' favorite show in the car? No? Just me? Didn't think so. The other day I was singing, "Boooob the Builder, CAN HE FIX IT?" The crazy part? I was ALONE. Yep totally alone, no kids in the car, by myself. I immediately turned on the radio to convince myself that I'm still cool. Mom probs, I guess. SO, to get Bob the Builder outta my head here is what we have started watching...

  • Brother Francis: Let's Pray!


The Let's Pray! DVD is the only Br. Francis DVD we have. So Grandma, if you're reading this... an idea for Gavin's next birthday present! I am in love with this show and have zero mommy guilt when my kids are watching this. In this particular DVD, Brother Francis goes over the sign of the cross and other simple prayers through song. The songs are catchy and my heart melts when I can hear the kids singing the Our Father prayer in the basement. Brother Francis also introduces St. Therese and explains her story in this episode. I'm assuming in other Brother Francis DVDs they introduce other saints as well, but I'm not 100% sure on that.  Overall, I give this DVD 5 stars. I like how it's wholesome, educational and gets the kids interested in their Catholic faith.

  • Leapfrog: Phonics Farm


You know how I couldn't get the Bob the Builder theme song out of my head earlier? Well, my kids can't get these Leapfrog songs out of their heads and I'm okay with that. In this movie, Scout the dog goes over the sounds that the letters make with help from his animal friends. I think learning through song is a fun way for kids to learn and it seems to stick with them longer. I've been going over letters and the sounds that the letters make for a while now with Gavin but he seems to really soak up these songs. "K makes the KAH sounnnddd...." Man, I really wish you all could hear my singing skills through the computer. Actually, I'm really glad you can't hear me right now.

  • Baby Genius: Favorite Counting Songs


So by the title I'm pretty sure you can guess what this movie is all about. There's counting involved and once again...songs. The kids like to dance around to all of these songs. Not only are they singing about numbers, but they are burning off some energy as they jump around dancing. Baby Genius has a ton of movies on Netflix. If you don't have Netflix, all you have to do is type in Baby Genius on YouTube. I should also mention that all of these movies I have suggested are less than an hour long, and I'm pretty sure the Br. Francis DVD is less than 30 minutes long. The movies are long enough so they allow you to get a little breather in the day (especially during the winter months) but aren't so long that they are turning you child's brain into mush.

I hope you all have a great week and feel free to comment on our Facebook page some of your go-to movies for your kids! I'm always looking for more options!