Make Thanksgiving Possible!

Let's pull up a seat at the table for the vulnerable in our communities.

The average cost of a basic Thanksgiving dinner for a family of five is over fifty dollars. For some families, this cost makes the meal simply out of reach. For others, safety is such a pressing concern that the holiday takes a back seat. We believe that time with family, celebrating and resting is important!

Thanksgiving is a time to relax and reflect with gratitude. Costs shouldn't stop a family from enjoying this harvest celebration. With your help, we can make a seat at the table for families across the United States.

Families in domestic violence shelters, families living in poverty, and men in homeless shelters will all receive Thanksgiving meals that they may not have received otherwise.

We are proud to partner with organizations in three states including Wichita Catholic Charities Food Pantries, Wichita Guadalupe Clinic, Inter-faith Ministries of Wichita, St Jude's Wichita Food Pantry, St. Joseph's Friary in NYC, and St. Gianna Women's Homes in Lincoln, NE. This year, for the first time, we're also supporting Haven House of Buffalo, NY. 

Would you join us in making the Thanksgiving meal possible for families who may not be able to afford it? 100% of your gift will go toward supporting families in need. Your gift--large or small--will make a big impact, helping make Thanksgiving a reality for struggling families.